A Fun and More Sustainable Footprint

Challenge #5: It’s All Fun and Games.

Woohoo! I love it when I get “challenged” to have fun! My five favorite things to do for fun…all now a little bit greener:

1. Movie night with friends
- Rent a movie online (no transportation, no receipts, no paper, no hassle!) and play it from my laptop screen (energy-star certified and no other lighting required!).
- Snack on trail mix of honey-roasted granola, raisins, and chocolate chips (all from the local Farmer’s Market).

2. Hike in a local park
- Reusable water bottle
- Homemade snacks in reusable containers (my favorites: carrots, celery, apples, and peanut butter)

3. Stargazing
- Tea in my travel mug
- Blankets and good company in a place free of anthropogenic lights

4. Watching the big game
- Everybody brings their own mug and only finger-foods are allowed on recycled-paper napkins.
- Make it a big party. Getting everybody in front of one screen is not only more fun for touchdowns and goals, but it also means the lights/TV are only on in one room.

5. Sustainably harvested coffee at a local cafe with friends
- Always BYOM (Bring your own mug).

There are so many opportunities in the world, and each day we have 3,600 minutes, each year 365 days, to take advantage of them. Living a life with a smaller footprint is not an “hour a week” commitment. When we pledge to live sustainably, we need to try to integrate sustainable living into our daily lives, from the food we eat to the beds we sleep in.

I cannot change overnight, but I can commit to seizing every opportunity to live a greener life. When I find a bank statement in my mailbox, I pledge to change to online banking. When I take notes in class, I pledge to type them and go paperless. When I go to buy books, I pledge to buy them in digital versions or find them in the library instead. When I go to class each day, I pledge to take the stairs instead of the elevator. When I encounter the opportunity to decrease my carbon footprint, I pledge to take it. If there is no opportunity, I pledge to create one and share it with the world. This is my sustainability pledge.

Ronit Abramson

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