Challenge #3 Results

We wanted to see if the families participating in our Green Family Challenge #3 could come up with a creative way to make a climate-change-reduction dinner, from store to table. Each family took on the challenge with gusto, resulting in some tasty meals!

With cloth San Diego Zoo bags in hand, the families turned to farmer’s markets and co-ops to obtain the freshest produce and discovered that prices were similar to those found at supermarkets. The Ballentine and Dewar-Yates families joined co-ops and, although leery about trying “new” vegetables, they are now enjoying produce not normally on their menu at home. The Ballentine Family in Baltimore had to make their co-op bag of food last several days when they were snowed in!

The Kranz and Carmignani-Goodman families had organic chicken on their menu, although finding such chicken proved to be harder than it sounds. The Turkle Family purchased sustainably harvested wild salmon and paired it with fresh veggies grown in their backyard (now that’s local!). If locally produced food wasn’t available, families tried to find organic equivalents. The Abramson Family, living in a college dorm, vowed to make better choices (eat local, eat in season, and eat less meat) in the dining hall and made valentines out of recycled materials with delightful results.

Blog post readers voted on the best creation. Congratulations to the Kranz and Turkle families! Each will receive the San Diego Zoo’s own Zoo Brew coffee, which is certified as organic and shade grown.

Challenge #4: In the Dark?
Families will monitor their home’s electricity use and share their attempts to “hibernate.” Vote for the family you think made the best effort, and the winners will receive San Diego Zoo sweatshirts.

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