Green Family Challenge #5 Results

Six families agreed to try living more sustainably and lower their carbon footprint for two months as part of the San Diego Zoo’s Green Family Challenge. During this time, we issued biweekly challenges for them to try; they then wrote about their experiences in our Green Family blogs. For the final challenge (#5), we asked the families to look at their recreational and entertainment choices to see what ideas they could come up with to make going green fun! Readers voted (1,995 votes cast for this challenge!) for the family they felt had the best ideas.

College student Michael Kranz discovered the simple joys of camping with friends and was surprised to find impressive waterfalls right here in Southern California. The Ballentine Family enjoyed playing board and card games, finding these pursuits require no electricity and are perfect for family bonding. Ronit Ambramson came up with five fun green activities to do while at college and even came up with her own sustainability pledge. The Turkle Family has always enjoyed hiking and tent camping, but now these activities take on new meaning as the family strives to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Karyl Carmignani made a new kind of fun by stationing herself outside of a popular grocery store and handing out dollar bills to people who brought their own reusuable shopping bags—she got some varied reactions!

Our poll is now closed, and the winners are Sharon Dewar and Alex Yates of Chicago; they will receive a Caravan Safari Tour at the Wild Animal Park. In addition to our Green Family Challenge, they had some personal ones as well but still found some creative ways to have fun, including hosting “writing nights” where friends write for five minutes about a topic drawn from a bowl, and then share their prose (and a bottle of wine!).

We hope our readers are inspired by the efforts of our Green Families to try some of their suggestions. And we also encourage you to read posts from some friends in the entertainment industry, our Famously Green bloggers. Go Green!

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Grace_H | March 27, 2010 at 6:56 pm

I was searching for the video of Conrad Presbys Polar Bear Plunge grand opening last night but it was not posted yet. I finally saw it this morning, and I am SO HAPPY to see many interested in learning more about polar bears. The experience wall was probably the biggest hit, and I'll definitely would like to see the bears in close-up. Congratulations, SDZ!



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