Love-Our-Planet Dinner

Challenge #3: A Green Valentine’s Day?

This challenge went to Charles because he loves to cook. He suggested a recipe from our favorite celebrity chef, Alton Brown, called Salmon Fillet en Papillote with Julienne Vegetable. We can walk to the corner store and purchase sustainably harvested wild salmon from Alaska’s well-managed fisheries. It’s not local, but it does support people who are looking out for the health of our wildlife and oceans.

Fresh veggies can be had from the backyard, and the oranges come from our neighbor’s tree (can’t get more local than that!). If we don’t have a particular item, we can find locally grown and/or organic items at many grocery stores. Organic produce is grown without the pesticides and fertilizers that come from fossil fuels. The ingredients are assembled on a piece of parchment paper cut in the shape of a heart (so romantic), which gets folded up and cooked in the microwave for four to five minutes. Voila! We have a meal that’s healthy for the planet and us. Another nice thing is the quick clean up, leaving more time to snuggle with my sweetie!

Of course, Valentine’s dinner wouldn’t be complete without something chocolate for dessert. Since chocolate is an exotic import, I look for organic Fair Trade certified brands. That way, we can rest assured that the people and the environment are both taken care of.

Patti Turkle

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